Thursday, December 01, 2011

perfume de my bed room.

It wasn't long ago that i mentioned the slight increase of interest in fragrance by the fashion industry.  Maybe i just slipped over it in the past or maybe there really is a rise in appeal.  
As the first article (one about perfume and France women, written by a lady in GLAMOUR) caught my eye, i began to realize how feminine fragrance really is... and not the chauvinist kind but the strong and independent kind of feminine.   Think about your grandma's vanity or the old black and white movies and this is what you picture:

note the bottles and bottles of fragrances?  

Now i can't help but be pulled into the allure or seduction and definition. 
I went on a hunt for my sent which turned out to be Reb'l Fleur by Barbadian singer Rihanna for now.  Of course as we age the definition of who we are changes and i am looking forward to the change of my sent as part of that adventure.  

What i couldn't let go of once i decided on a perfume is the excitment of every sample despite my own smell.   
Now, my collection will never look like this:

A) Because there is nothing classy or elegant about this picture.  B) Because I do know that i would be able to decide on a sent every morning.  C) I'm not even sure i would be able to remember which is what. 

However, as my collection grows it has gone from one bottle to something more like what i would actually see on my grandmother's vanity:

To support my new leisure pursuit:  My sister.  Maybe not my biological sister (i haven't heard from her since she moved to ohio some time ago) but my sister in law (yeah, she's pretty awesome)  At one point i was concerned that maybe she thought i smelt bad due to her input into my vanity collection.  What really impresses me is her ability to pick out a good sent.  I don't know if she just has excellent opinion or if she's really good at pegging my own opinion but the smells that she has gifted to me have all been delectable.   

Now i have my signiture sent and smells for every day that i feel like changing things up.

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