Friday, January 01, 2010


2009 Resolutions:
Bench 215 in the 132 weight class: FAIL
be able to run 5 or 6 miles on any given day: FAIL
read every book in the bible: FAIL
Decide on a major: kind of fail: i decided i'm officailly not going past my associates, but i did make a decision, so not a total fail
make more music: FAIL
smile more and care less: FAIL. I've been less happy this year than last.
Road trip: some improvement, I went to fl and will has taken me several places, but not too much randomness.
Work on my bucket list: FAIL. i don't think i finished one thing on my list.
Stop bailing: SUCCESS.

and have fun: epic OK.... i had fun. but that's it

This year i HAVE to improve myself:
2010 resolutions:
blog more
worry less
have fun
get straight with God.
be healthy
Buy a jeep
roll in the mud.

- welcome to two-thousand and ten.

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