Tuesday, January 19, 2010

boo on you school.

Last semester. Im almost there. This semester i have enrolled in two.. thats right.... TWO classes. Bio for non-science majors (because we all know i would die before i attempt science as a major) and math 116 ( to fullfill a buisness class) both of them are online and both of them suck. So now i have began a quest to do as little work as possible in these two wanna be classes. I took my first quiz in bio yesterday and got a 73. Im hoping to possibly find an employee... someone who is willing to take the classes for me : ) Im not sure how much you would pay someone for doing something like that - but i'm sure it would be worth it. So far, no one has bit, so wish me luck. I'm diving into my last semester as a wanna be loser : )

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