Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Freedom is the choice to be human"

Everyone always talks about "growing their wings" But everyone around me is so concerned with fitting in and blending in and being 'normal' That they've not even seen the feathers following in their wake. The ones that have learned to fly come. "The angels will knock at your door, but you will not recognize them and you will hunt them"
They are coming to teach you how to spread the wings that you cant see. They are coming to help you in the differences you bare, but you ignore the screams as you cut the wings from your back. The pain of being different is too much for you to bear and so you will cut them from your body. You will still feel the desire that burns into your soul - the desire to fly above the world. But you will never satisfy because you already ripped that destiny from your flesh as you tried to blend in with the river of humanity.
"I want to trust humanity
I need to trust humanity."
They just might accept you one day, but look at what they've made you into. Look at what your chase has led to. And now you will join in the chase as another angel knocks at the door you'll forget the desire you had and you will break them down as you attempt to make them another rain drop evaperated. The beauty is disapearing as they are hunted and abused for the differences that they embraced. Slowly, the love and inspiration that they hold are fading into the darkness like a pixie not believed in.

The fight is more pain than i can bare.

*photos by himitsuhana and Rufa

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