Monday, January 25, 2010

stupid bride.

I'm watching TLC "the dress" and it kills me. These girls go to plan their wedding and the mothers seem to make more decisions than the bride does. If you know what you want, why would you let someone else change your mind... "oh this is the dress my mother loves" "oooh my mother doesn't like that veil" .. ect. Why? i mean really? I can understand the budget thing, but if i find the dress of my dreams and it's in the budget, why would i not get it?

Lucky for me that my dress is already made. The rest of the plans will be pretty indifferent so i wont have to stress near as much as these silly brides with 25,000 dollar budgets.

All i need:
Tables, preacher, invites, cake, punch, plates, cups, forks, welcome sign, and MAYBE a photo booth... Those are the only things i'm worried about; everything else will take care on it's own.

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