Monday, April 20, 2009

A party of girls

The last thing on the to-do list is 50 numbers on a solid skirt. The "Bride & Co." Logo on the bottom titled the numbers that dotted that oh so short skirt.

Lets go back a few hours:
The night started at the apt. Heather and her enterouge of females had shots with titles that shouldn't be said in public and layered on party favors and fund raisers.
Covered in Candy jewlry and 'dimond' rings we headed for Keywest to Kereokee. After a few more drinks and one really off tune song we made our way to stix on the strip. The younger guys that filled this bar weren't too smart with the drinks but we got in one really too wild dance and a few too many after hours invites.
We spent a round of minutes there before the last drink calls were made and we headed back to the apt. From the few dozen people we invited over i didn't think a single one would actually accept, but when we arrived there were already half a dozen guys waiting. With my bar i made a few drinks and a round of shots as another dozen guys showed up. After glasses were filled one dude named Justin requested a walk and i abliged. At the end of the block i ran into a guy from the rec. .. There were 5 or so guys with him and they headed over to my place... The dude from the rec, Scott kept tell me how "freaking" geourgeous i am while the dude from Kereokee [will] wanted to hold my hips and the dude at the bar just wanted to share another drink with me and the guy on the coach challenged me to a push up contest [i don't even know who that guy] Heather bonked out and then left me as the only girl there. It wasn't long before Damien showed up causing the tension to go about 5 x. Everyone was talking to crap to everyone and i felt like a piece of meat as they tore each other up over me... Their empty words actually amused me. Will was probably the first one to peace out. After that the party kept going. I don't really know who any of the guys were or where they came from or how they got there. But the party was quite the talk. It was about 5 before the numbers were down below half a dozen and Damien took the charge of kicking everyone out. The popped baloons scattered the floor and empty liquor glasses covered the bar.

The next day i had several dozen text from randomness and as Heather, Stacie, and i headed to our dress fitting, the liquor in our stomaches lingered with dizziness..

It's funny to think about how much drama boys will bring when a short skirt is present, but still the night was good.

Receipt of the night:
Heather: 10 dollars from suck for a buck [from a three fingered dude]
Me: 20 dollars for a make out and 3 dollars from suck for a buck.
... She defently did her share of whoring me out. lol.
A good time: priceless

Heather's Bachelorette party is defently the highlight of the town this weekend.

This ones to Liquor, short skirts, and a wild night out.

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