Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Do i really need you?

I need the smell of your skin and the touch of your hands. I need Your smile and your hair. The way you talk so “matter of factly” always drove me crazy, but now I miss it. It makes me so mad when you always tell me I’m wrong, but now I wish you were by my side to tell the world that they’re wrong. I miss having your warmth beside me and your arms to hold me safe. I’m strong enough to fend off any challenges, but only your arms can keep me safe from the inevitable.

With your arms around me I am invinsible. I can take on any bad guy and fight any crime. I can defeat any ambition and achieve every challenge. With your arms around me I can take on the world and win every time. With your arms I am superhuman.

I need you here… not only to make me feel beautiful, but to keep me safe.

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