Thursday, January 01, 2009

No new years kiss but my bf is asking me out.

This is the frist New Years that i've had a boyfriend during. But i still didn't get to mark that new years kiss of my bucket list.
Brian had to go back to NJ for break and so he wasn't here [in case you didn't figure out that 2+2]

So speaking of Brian and him not being here. . . i don't see how anyone that really liked their significant other could ever, EVER cheat.
At first, when Brian and i were just barely together and nothing was official, things were difficult. . When i went out i would text him constantly through out the night so that i could avoid the temptations of cheating. Now that i like him, i don't know i could ever even look another guy like that right now. Other guys hit on me and it's just not that difficult to be like "oh you like this hobby? ... So does my bf!"

I just realized that through this blog, i still haven't gotten to the topic that i actually wanted to talk about..
Brian asked me on a date. it was really cute. He said something about needing to take me on a date. and i was like "" but since we're already technically together i didn't really think anything of it. Later he asked me if i had any good ideas for a date and when he suggested dinner and a movie i was just like "oh cool. sounds like a date. lol" but then he was like "oh not yet! i have to ask you out first. so when i get back and ask you out i hope you are available." It was really cute. We are obviously a couple already but i guess someone got on to him because he didn't have a good story of how he asked me out.. . Aprille thought it was strange when i told her that he never actually asked me out. But just give it a week [he gets back in 7 days! whoohoo!] and then i'll be able to say that he asked me. LOL. I don't think it really matters, but the fact that he's going back now and fixing that is really super cute.


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