Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bus stop

As i step onto the bus i realize today will be a busy day for the older driver known as Bob. Every seat is full and ass one retro dude quietly grumbles about standing up for the ride, i grab the over head rails and plant my feet. The opportunity to stand reminds me of the city which fills my dreams.

It strikes me as funny how dierse every one on this ride is. The kid to my left is sporting a pair of cowboy boots and an element skate jacket and a button up dress shirt. While the kid directly in front of me is shouting out his asian desent with is converse shoes and baggy skinny jeans.
The cowboy catches my eye. His style is very eclectic and i cant decide if he is a country boy caught up in a big city or if he was born city and trapped insided hickville. He tones out the world and their judgements with his ipod and while i know he observes the world around him [i caught him watching me from the corner of his eye] he still avoids the eyes of strangers.
But i guess i can't say much about the diversity serounding me because i don't exactly blend in with my black hair and hoop nose and lip rings paired with my lil brothers iguana tee and my red shiney heart bag. But the kid in the retro jacket and vans shoes and shaggy hair keeps his old day clear framed glasses focusing another direction so i am obviously not too bold with my style of statements.

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