Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stupid rules

I hate people and i hate their stupid rules. I'm not good at anything and i can't even try to be good because there are so many rules in this world. I understand that most of the rules are for our own safetey or the safetey of others, but why can't people just use their brains a little bit. I went to the hospital car garage and went to the top floor. I bet there were no more than 20 cars in the entire 6 floors but i went to the top anyway to avoid cars so i wouldnt' be in anyone's way. There was not one car on the entire 2 floors but i still got kicked out. ... so now i'm gonna go to the road instead so that people can hit me and send me to that same hospital where i wasn't hurting anybody. .. It is just like when i got in trouble for taking my bike in the rec for work and i was told that i couldn't have bikes in the rec.... seriously? really? what was that hurting? I hate stupid people and all of their stupid rules. You know what... just go fuck the world because i hate it. I hate all these sterioe types and regulations and the way people think i have to do things their way.

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