Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chicago. picturesque

Today i am in Chi town. It was completely unplanned. My parents called and said they were headed up to see MG and now i am tagging along. It would be amazing to be here with my friends. It makes me fall in love with the city and everything that comes with it. I'm a tomboy. I like hunting and rugby and skateboarding, but at the same time i am a city girl. I like skyscrapers and pointy shoes and big purses and coffee shops. I want to live that picturesque scene. I want to be free and i want to be what ever i want. That picture: a girl with big red curly hair and thick mascara in a scarf with the pointiest shoes and the biggest bag and a cup of coffee walking down a store filled street with stop lights and cross walks and street venders. Picture number two: a girl in ripped jeans, skate shoes and choppy hair with a blue streak skateboarding down a rarely used sidewalk in a rundown little town with a boe doezed lot on the left, a gas station on the right, and a bapstist church ahead. I want to do it all. My picture: red curly hair with a blue streak, wearing a green halter dress over ripped jeans and a classic tee; standing in a small college city by a bike rack; holding a longboard in one hand and laying on the ground is an over sized purse. In the other hand are the skate shoes i just took off and on my feet are green pointy shoes. I am a mix of every culture and ever genre and every image you could ever imagine. That is me. This is my destiny. ... To be free.

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