Saturday, July 12, 2008

physical graffiti.

I don't fit the standard stereotype. I am no cliche. Everything i do fits no pattern. I have hobbies that are not expected of a girl; your typical tomboy in some sense: skateboarding, hunting, powerlifting. And yet there are still other aspects that no one expects from a tomboy: fashion, art, cooking, mirage. Everything i do fits together so well and yet no one can see that but me. People don't expect a powerlifter to love fashion design or a skateboarder to like cooking. And yet it all fits into the way i think so perfectly; but even that is unique to the rest of the world. From the way i live to the theories i entertain, everything that has ever ran through my mind is random and yet so perfectly organized and it all seems like common sense to me.

Mys-ter-y lmist(ǝ)rēl
(n) something that is difficult or impossible to explain.

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