Monday, July 28, 2008

I officially own a bike.

2003 Yamaha XVstar Classic 650CC with 18000 miles
It's maroon and black and white with saddle bags and a back rest and a highway bar and back bag rack
It's a little louder than the 99 but i think the aceseseries and the age difference make it worth it. It is 4300 out the door and i've put 250 down. i have 1900 in my bank account so i will have to take out 2500 loan. that shouldn't take me too entirely long to pay off but it will also help my credit score a lot. `

So i am ready to learn to ride my new toy. I have the general idea and i think i could pretty much figure it out on my own but i want to take the class. ...especially now.

I am stoked... i said forever that i was going to buy a bike. i'm good to go.

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