Saturday, April 14, 2007

Waiting to love that man.

I know that I like that man.
Could it be love that I have?
What is love? Who am I to say what is or not?
He is my best friend, the one I run to and support.
I could live and die for this man
I think of him as much as anyone.
I enjoy his company. I want his accompaniment.
His focus is the same as mine, our God is one and same.
I could not out step my boundries
I could make no move
I wait on God, my lord; I wait to be a gift.
I want to be his gift, a gift to him from God.
I have waited and I have prayed and now my time is ready.
I am waiting and wait. I want to love this man.
I know that my role is not come and I must wait again.
I want to love this man, but I know that I must wait.
How long must I wait? I wait to love this man.
I wait to be his gift.

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