Tuesday, April 24, 2007


In my youth i was opposed to school.
And now, again, Im opposed to work.
Above all it is health And righteousness that I hate the most.
Theres nothing so cruel to man As health and honesty. 
Of course Im opposed to the Japanese spirit 
And duty and human feeling make me vomit. 
Im against any government anywhere 
And show my bum to authors and artists circles.
When Im asked for what I was born,
Without scruple, Ill reply, To oppose.
When Im in the east I want to go to the west. 
I fasten my coat at the left, my shoes right and left. 
My hakama I wear back to front and I ride a horse facing its buttocks. What everyone else hates I like 
And my greatest hate of all is people feeling the same.
This I believe: to oppose Is the only fine thing in life. 
To oppose is to live.
To oppose is to get a grip on the very self. 

-Kaneko Mitsuharu 1895-1975 
Translated by Geoffrey Bownas and Anthony Thwaite

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