Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Omnipotent. all powerfull. You are my savior who has given me life.
I love you and worship you. Humbly I bow at your feet to give you the praise you deserve.
My savior. My lord. And the love of my life you are.
When I am weak you are my strength; when I am alone you are my friend. you are the rock that I will live my life apon.
You are my love, you are my friend. You are the one I will live my life around.
God, you’ve given me life, you’ve given me hope, you show me love that not one could express.
I will give you my crowns, I will give you my love, I will give you my life that you first gave me.
How can I express how much you deserve
You deserve so much more than any could give.
My love is too weak, my world is too small, and my life is too broken to fill your worth.
Omnipotent, all powerful. Lord with my love I give you my crowns and fall at your feet.

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