Saturday, August 16, 2014

The past is the past.

I'm changing My about me, so before i update it, here's my old one....
Here's who i am:

My name is Beemo.  I live in the warm state of Alaska.  I have, like everyone, gone through a lot of changes in life.

I live with my [Now ex husband is is stupid] who i eloped with in OcT, 2011 before dating him.  and my great dane, George, who is goofy, clumsy, and super silly. I also have a min pin, Charli, who now lives with a family back in IL.

There are so many things that i couldn't dream of covering them all here, so i will summarize it by saying that i am a random hobbiest, taking up new and unique interest all the time... the the rest, i will leave a surprise for you to read about in my blog.

check out my first post to this blog (introduction to my life):  Here   
about me page numero dos (time to update): here
My most recent about me (moving forward): here


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