Saturday, August 09, 2014

Deed done.

The deed is done. The knot is tied. The beer is drank. Patrick and I are now Mr. and Mrs. I have never been to such an epic wedding :) One of our friends bought our kegs. When Mike Stackhouse showed up, that same friend paid him to play for us : ) Good ol' Barticus, the cook at the howling dog, did a little chefing it up for us with amazing encheladas. And our mirrage Commissioner? Sleazy A. Also known as Erin. It was EPIC.

"Does anyone object?" 3 people raise their hands and put them back down. "No one? really? can i? no? jk.." "You can kiss the bride" me: "I really just need you to sign these papers..."

Now it's time for a name change.. and Next up... Kansas move.

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