Tuesday, July 24, 2012

since i switched to apple 7 yrs ago..

The main reason for the purchase of my first apple was that i needed a laptop and i wanted something with a long life.... and to this day i still have my first apple laptop. and i still love for...

So of course when my battery went out and i still wanted to take my laptop with me i decided it was time for a new piece of equipment ... hence the ipad.

After realizing how well the two work together i decided that the iphone would eventually happen. However .it took a bit before my phone provider came out with my new want... and at that they were asking 600 for it! ... while i dont mind spending extra for a good thing, i'm not so willing to just go around throwing away money..

So when my husband told me there was a carrier that would sell it to me for 100 and give me better coverage and would give him a free smart phone in the process... i was game.

So i'm officially a mac junky.
I officially have the phone i've been craving.
I officially have internet access at any point (im blogging from work right now.)
and all my product work together :) yay.

.. thats all. i was just excited and wanted to share with you :)

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