Sunday, July 29, 2012

newest beer tasting

Beer of the Week: Tommyknocker Brewery’s Hop Strike Black India Pale Ale BY DI STAFF | JULY 07, 2011 7:20 AM The Beer of the Week is Tommyknocker Brewery’s Hop Strike Black India Pale Ale. Brewed in Idaho Springs in the Colorado mountains, the heavily hopped brew is characterized by a dark, heavy body, spicy citrus hops, and chocolate malt flavors. “Black IPA beers are really a new big thing in American craft brewing,” said Joe Hotek, the beer-room manager at John’s Grocery, 401 E. Market St. “They’re a really nice combination of a stout and an IPA.” According to Tommyknocker’s website, Hop Strike uses chinook, summit, and Willamette hops, along with seven varieties of malts to achieve a distinct flavor that also makes a “great first impression on the nose.” And at 7 percent alcohol by volume, the beer is particularly strong. Hotek said Tommyknocker’s Hop Strike Black IPA — like most IPA brews — drinks well on its own, but it can nicely complement any spicier dishes. — by Brian Albert *Very similar to 1554 or my own chocolate beer, it's a dryer, darker beer but with no bitterness. a heavy hint like guiness but with no where near the same weight. My approval: 5 stars. a good relaxing beer, not a getting drunk and drinking all night beer. But since relaxing is my favorite kind of drinking... :)

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