Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not moving: quite yet.

Well, it turns out that we will not purchasing a house quite yet after all... we could find a hell hole somewhere, but we would both prefere to wait until we have the money to really invest... and i'm really not feeling inspired to actually MOVE all my just yet either :)

While my dream home ideas are now on hold ( I will resume my to do list when i, once again, begin looking at real houses).  I still have so many projects lined up for the little crib we're in now.

The worrior run i am supposed to be doing with amber might also fall through - her man was origionally the one registered but he cant do it so i was going to take his place, now we're not sure if they're going to let me run in his shoes (hahaha... run in his shoes)  Which is a total bum since Amber and i have the best costume idea ever : think mustache and neon.  yes.

However, we still have george and Charli to focus on (bday bash tommorrow.):  got bowtie numero uno in the mail today:) ha.  iT'sawesome.

Moving on:  my new vice:  ebay
              It's crazy the kind of things you can find on there and not to mention the prices..... i've taken up donating plasma again to support my ebay addiction.  I bought George's and Charli's bows for thess than three bucks (together).
I purchased an awesome mustache ring for the race ( >1 dolla) and i stumbled across a  new pair of nerd frames, also >$1 !.  I'm sure i could spend a lot in a lil... but i LUVV it!  explanation mark now.

So no house, car on the way, to run or not to run.  bday bash rush, and i adore ebay.  my life is a yes.  ... oh, and screw politicians :)

-absolutely beeMo.

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