Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ready. set. and move :)

As i mentioned in my last post, i may be moving.... but that "probably going to have to move" is now a "i am most certainly moving"  but instead of dreading it, I'm now almost too excited to contain it..  The difference that has changed the moo? :  Home ownership!!!  that's right, we might be buying a house :)  !!!!  My husband has his check list :  a yard (for the dogs),  somewhat out of town, at least 2br (for expansion), and a low budget.  I have my check list:  potential for awesome design, 2br +  (for expansion.. i want kids !!!)

So purchasing the house i might have a small list, but I'm already to planning the interior design :).   Our theory:  my husband is responsible for the actual construction work (roof touch ups, pourch touch ups, ect) and i am the one responsible for all detail wok (tile/floor work, painting, ect..).  and i'm already starting my inspiration/to do list:

1. a welcoming front door
2.  color
3.  inspiration throughout the home
4.  an eclectic kitchen
5.  a cozy bedroom
6.  a clean bathroom
7.  a fashionable laundry/sewing room
8.  a FUN living room
9.  a sophisticated area for the pets

... Posts on each of these to follow.

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