Saturday, October 01, 2011

summary of the rest of my life

I look back on the past five years and i feel like those 5 years have had more life than the rest of my life put together.   From my first heartbreak, the bear, to being engaged to a politian, wts, to losing and finding and loving God.   But after all of those rollercoasters i have finally come to the rest of my life.  His name is steve clarke.  I've talked about him before, we dated back mid 2008.  I was so torn up still from my first heart break that i had to walk away.  But they say that if you let your love walk away and they dont come back that they never really loved you and if they do come back they really did love you.... I didn't do it on purpose but he's been the only man (other than my father) that i ever really respected with even my heart.  He's the breeze to my sail.  The thump to my heart.  and i ended up back with him again, expecting to simply be his friend but hoping that the feelings in my heart were still mutual.  Turns out they were.  Now i'm beyond stoked to be his wife.  4 months and counting.  The rest of my life has begun and i can't wait.  with my moms wedding dress altered and the bridal party attire decided, the plans are well set.  They say some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.... true story.   The pain i've gone through is well worth the joy That God is sending my way :)

I know there will be fights and disagreements and rough times.  I know there will be days that i regret saying i do.   I'm looking forward to all of it.

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