Friday, October 07, 2011

man of my dreams

He bought me a converter for my faucet after reading my post about out door spigots : )   he is the man of my dreams…. Literally sometimes.  When he’s not in my dreams I wake up wishing he was there to comfort me from what was in my dreams. 
I was telling him yesterday that it’s funny how different our love is from everything else that I’ve experienced in life…. Because my love for him began from the respect I have for him and when he shows me he loves me I actually feel like he would stand up for me despite ANYONE ELSE. 
I know one day soon I will get to paint his walls and upholster his couch, but what makes it amazing is knowing that when I get frusterated with what ever project I’m working on he will be beside me helping.   I can’t wait to have him with me forever and always.  I know that I haven’t posted much lately and when I have it’s been more with personal life than  the inspiration that I prefer to talk about. ..   Over the next few months I’m sure I’ll have a TON of inspiration to talk about (wedding planning is well on its way)  and in 4 months or so I will have a different house to begin working on : ) yay for blank canvas.  And with my baby Charli I also have the task of making every project puppy proof….   But I guess that is probably killing two birds with one stone since I hope to be having babies eventually (which will add more projects)  yay for a future full of inspiration and decorations.  
…. the first project will probably be a co ed bed room : )  That is one thing I’ve never really had to conquor.  I’ve worked on a boys room before, but it wasn’t my room too.  STOKED.  Future, here I come.   

Keep checking back, the next few months will be wedding inspiration which might poor over into daily life more than some would expect ( paper table cloths and crayons for center pieces.  Casual dress required hehehe ) 

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