Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Just a disclaimer

I'm super stoked about the new buissness cards i got in the mail this week... they are super modern and super chill.   They have my name, number, email, and web address.... i've given them out to several different people other day before i realized that i don't know what i've blogged about the past few weeks so i read back and realized that the past month i've had several blogs that are somewhat incriminating.  So i thought i'd put it out there that i'm not one to play strip poker or get drunk... This really has nothing to do with anything except that i realize the vibe my past 2 or 3 post have left and i'd like to make sure that people know that i'm not some big party animal.   I've celebrated a couple time since Cerrin got here but that's not a regular thing.   .... so anyways, now that i have that out there, i'm gonna get back to the movie i was watching. 

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