Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Epic fact

My lust right now is hammocks. Summer is coming around and I’m inlove with the warm whether… It actually makes me excited about moving to FL.

I live on the corner of two some-what busy streets and I have a front, screened in, porch with a hammock on it – it makes me love life.

Speaking of things that are awesome – I’ve been hanging out with my old environmental tech teacher from John A.
Since I know that he sometimes reads my blogs I will probably just leave it at that.
PS. Speaking of boys: I really like steak N shake and I’ve not been since Will so I’m craving it right now….

Also : I’ve been working on my abs a little bit more since I have so much more free time lately. Check it out, I’m actually kind of excited about them.

So I know that I’ve dropped about 5 things down just now and NONE of them were anything exciting or meaningful, but I know that it seems like I haven’t logged any memories in FOREVER so I thought I’d drop a word while I was thinking about it…..
Speaking of meaningful things- I think I’m gonna start working on my book again. I want to make so chapters that are more experience based and so that are experimental based and I want to add more scientific facts into the old chapters….

And moving on with the experimental comment 0 I experimented a couple weekends ago at the Memphis tournament with rugby…. Thankyou pirate for your assistance : ]
And that Memphis tournament was Epic fact. Memphis throws a prom rugby every year = we all play in dresses and the social is set up as a prom dance. It’s actually a LOT of fun. And pirate was the only experimental gain that weekend… I also went swimming. (no extended story is needed here) … and I also joined the races, not at steak n shake (but it was defently talked about. )

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