Monday, March 30, 2009

My near death experience and number 24

I tried out a new position this weekend. Flanker. It’s in the srum, pushing forward, never backing down. I think I like it better than full back because it gets more action.

We won two of our three games and I got to handle the ball.
I did a lot of tackling and a lot of rucking and I got sat on at least five thousand times.

Day one:
I forgot to eat breakfast and put down three monsters
The first game wasn’t too hard. We won.
The second game was against a powerhouse. We pushed, but had so many injuries I thought the human species was about to go instinct..
I crashed from the monsters, couldn’t stand up…
We finally made it back to the hotel, I slept then ate… then stood up.
Went to the social, the tornado sirens scared a lot of people off.
I stuck it out.
Hung out with New york.
Went to the bar craw.
Got wasted.
had number 24

After i lost my muscle usage earlier in the day they wanted to make sure i got back if i lost conciousness for some reason:

Boot check.. New york didn't have jerseys so they wore white shirts... and that game was played with out shoes....

of course they were drunk and still drinking [on the field, during the game.]

Day two:
The game wasn’t too hard…. But def cold.
We peaced out asap after the game.
Headed home.
Threw up.
Made it home..
Took a shower.
Went to church…

Aaron Birtchfield called! He came to the dale last night and came to church. We hung out – tried to jam.,,, but I wasn’t any good – that’s my goal [to jam]
It was REALLY nice to just chill and not have any worries… just chill.

So now I’m covered in bruises and barely walking… I’m sure I look like a domestic abuse case. Go rugby!

Perfect summary of the weekend: after a hard game, Maggie is wearing bunny ears, smoking a cigarette, and covered in dirt, with a beer can beside her...

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