Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Girlscout cookies

Its that time that little girls pullout their brown skirts and sashes and update their patches. They want to be tip top shape as the public sees them skipping door to door. With their hi-pitched voices, it’s impossible to say no. Not to mention the taste of those delicious patties, coated in mint or peanutbutter or coconut crumbs; only available for sale once a year. After the cookie season is over they’ll neatly fold their uniforms and go back to their camps and patch earning, but for now they are caught up, if not overwhelmed, in doing their best to sell more cookies than anyone else. So if you hear a little voice in your head within the next few weeks, look down because there’s probably a little girl standing there asking you to buy cookies…. Do your duty, support the girl scouts, buy cookies.

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