Friday, August 29, 2008

Sara Palin..

The vice president canidate for the republican John McCain. It is so strange. No one ever expected this elderly Conservative to choose a young female for his running mate. She is a supporter of gun rights and protester of abortions and she is attractive. She has the charisma that McCain is lacking and she will win many of the votes that would have orgionally gone to Clinton. Will these advantages be enough for the republicans to win? Obama has been in the picture way longer than this new name and many will be more comfortable with the name they already know. There are many that will not be fond of this new woman due to the simple fact that they know nothing about her. I have never heard her speak in my life, is she simply power hungry or is she really out to change the country? Obama puts out the effort that every leader should and he has the appeal that most middle class are looking for. I am sure many will vote for McCain simply because his running mate is a woman but there will be some with the exact opposite opinion. This will be a close fight and the gap is closing with this new introduction. I believe that the charisma that Obama carries will be what wins the nation but it is coming to a close battle as the day ticks closer.

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