Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"dance like nobody is watching, and love like it wont hurt"

But i did love once and it did hurt, it was a pain worst than any and a pain that i could never survive twice. Steven wants me to give him a chance, he sent me flowers with this message attached. I want to give him a chance; he deserves a chance, but i am scared. What if i can't control my feelings, what if i fall in love with him?
*I want to follow God but i am having trouble hearing him, perhaps it's because i am not listening. After Bear i understand why i would have trouble listening, but i need to listen to God because this is for him that i am living.
*I am going to do this. I am giving him a chance because he deserves it and i am putting everyone else out of mind. This is it, game time. Wish me luck.

I am just scared of boys. At least i am not scared to kiss them anymore, but i am still scared. I have seen what they are capable of and i know that, at their full potiential, they can do more damage than any weapon; they can hurt to kill.

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