Saturday, August 02, 2008

LoCash Cowboys.

Pinch was the spot of the coolest band ever last night. The show itself was amazing... the best yet, and the crowd seemed to agree. However, it was also a busy show and i hardly got to talk to Ryan. Half a dozen sentences were shared when i first came in but then they had to go get ready and then after the show He was busy packing and taking care of fans... between everything we just didn't get a chance to talk much. After the show they went back to the hotel to shower and he asked me to come hang out with him and Hooper and i went and waited about 4 minutes when we decided that we really felt like groupies with all the waiting around and all. I told him that and he said that we were defently not groupies... but it's cool... they are coming back on halloween and Ryan is hoping to get some of the planning done ahead of time so that we can hang out before the show.

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