Sunday, June 22, 2008

i kissed dating goodbye II

I have never really been tempted in my purity, but more recently things have begun to turn. I suppose it is because my internal clock is ticking and i am living in the world. Just because these things are changing doesn't change my own lines or morals. So now, after all these years, i have finally hit a point that i have to watch myself; i have to get a reign on my own selfish temptations.
I have come to stumble. There is no sin in wanting a boyfriend, but there is sin in attempting to make that happen outside God's will. My friends are guys, but it is hard to make new friends when i am on the dating market. So for now i am done with dating until GOD brings me the right guy.

I've hit a new stage in life. I'm ready for adventure. I'm ready for excitement. God made me for an exciting life, not a normal one. So what am i doing sitting here? Why am i living the same life day after day?

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