Saturday, June 07, 2008

another guy is moving in:

This was the question on a survey that i took the other day:

Have you ever made out with someone you weren't dating?
i've never made out with someone i was dating...

a guy sent me this respons:
no making out??? why not

so i couldn't leave his message unanswered:
Well the last guy i went out with was 3 and half years ago....i didn't know how to make out then.....

after this i realized that he was making a move:
well i can execpt that as an excuss. I didnt learn till i was 16. And why do u not date?

Little does he know that from his first message i got the vibe from him:
It's not that i don't date... i've gone on a few dates, but i am very particular. I don't date people that i randomly meet at bars or random guys that haven't even introduced themselves yet or pot heads or guys who don't respect women and i don't date guys that don't apprietiate my individuality or my randomness. then there is the type of person that i am... most guy find me intimidating - I have a little bit of common sense but i actually use it, a lot guys find it intimidating that i can out lift them, I have hobbies that girls aren't supposed to have [skateboarding, video games, hunting, ect..], and most guys don't find my quirkiness attractive or the way i don't give a crap if other people don't approve of me. Most guys want a girl that is willing to change who she is in order to please them but i am not willing to do that. Then there is the biggest piece of a college girl - i wear a purity ring and when i tell a guy i am not having sex with him he normally blows it off as a lie or they just hold a different interpretation of "purity" than i do. .. oh i do date, i've gone on a few dates. But i don't normally make it to a second date because of who i am.

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