5'5'' 130lbs

My name is Brittany and i am pretty stoked that you've stopped by to visit my loft-apt.

The truth is, i don't actually live in an apartment anymore.  I've upgraded, along with everything else in my life, but this blog is still home and i can't rationalizing moving out of my little blog apartment.

When i started blogging,  I was just a college student trying to journal somewhere.  Now,  I am just a crafty housewife trying to record every life detail : )

I was raised pretty conservatively, but in the past 27 (i think i'm 27?) years of my life, i've really turned into my own person.   The adventures of life have really shaped me into someone that i'm proud to be.

I've married Patrick and we've had a baby, Auna:

I was quite the adventure before this life started, but with my co-adventurer and our little companion, i am ready to see more of the world.   

Along with travel and adventure, I haven't lost my love for fashion and design and my husband is more supportive than i could ever imagine... he really only inspires me more.  It's turned into something we can share together:

So we are seeing the world and crafting our home together.... I'm glad you've stopped by and hopefully you will join us in more of our journeys.

My life has been filled with rollercoaster of change and you can see some of that growth in my past "about me's":
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  1. "We're all born equal with a right to become unequal, i'm enforcing my right" - Romit Jethwaney

  2. ummm why am i not on your list? do i not rock your world ?