Sunday, April 12, 2015

School, Careers, jobs, and things i love doing.

I hated school growing up.  In college, i learned that school is expensive and very pointless sometimes.

I have never been one to sign up for something that i hate and since i was old enough to work, my job searches have centered around things that i love doing. My first paid job was scrapbooking.  Once i realized i could get paid to be around water, my resume began centering around lifeguarding, coaching, and swim lessons.  I did a stint with children teaching at a child care center.  When i turned 21, i started rounding the edges of my resume with bartending.

I have had my share of jobs that i did not love.  A short stint hostessing at ruby Tuesday and a few week long gigs here or there....  but, if i didn't enjoy it, i would move on to a job that i did love.  Once in a while i would pick up a job i couldn't stand just to tide me over until the job i'd been eyeballing opened up.

When i Married my second husband, I had to pick up a full time job to pay his bills...  I'd been eyeballing a lifeguarding job, but was lacking a new certification i had to have for that particular pool.  While i waited for the class to open up, i took up another job.  It was the worse job experience of my life.  I worked in HR (not my cup of tea) with a bunch of really high nosed bitches.  Finally, after a year, i got the cert i needed and moved over to the pool : )

Now, i don't mind working.  My career has become lifeguarding and bartending.  Those are the two things that i really excel at and love.

I love learning new skills and have thought about going back to school to learn interior design (which you well know i love) or maybe cosmetology.  But i just haven't quite decided if its worth my time.
What i really want to do is sign language interpretation.
With all of these certifications, the job market is either pretty closed for business or not something i would want to do everyday, which is why i haven't pursued the certs.

Now, i don't know what it is about people thinking you need to go to school, you need to work a full time job, you need to pursue an "ideal" career....

Since that first stint scrapbooking, i have always lived comfortably.  I have worked part time jobs and always made enough to pay all of my bills.  Now, i am married to a successful man that makes more than enough to support a family.  So it's not an issue of money.  I still have people telling me that i should go back to school or get a "real job".  Why?

Maybe they're trying to inspire me or just want to see me "succeed".  They are trying to support me.  What i really want to do... REALLY want to be...  is a housewife.  It's what i told my parents when i was a kid, it's still what i want.

Sometimes i get bored.  I pick up a job here or there.  It's always something i love.  Most of the time, it is lifeguarding or bartending.  If i get tired of the job, i move on.  I'm not sure what all the pressure i about to get a "real job"  but it starting to make me feel like i am not good enough.

I have followed other people's pressure to go to school or get a particular job.   I'll never forget how proud my mom was when i told her i got a job in HR.  I will not do it again.

I know what i want and i know what i enjoy.  I will not waste my entire life working a job because other's pressured me into it. I want to have the freedom to take time off when i want and do the things i want to do.  I don't want the thing that takes up more time than anything else to be something that i don't love.


  1. Good to see you doing well. Praying that your baby will be healthy and your marriage remains a happy one. From an old friend.

  2. Your very welcome. Your an awesome person, and have been through alot in your life and I am very happy to know your finally getting to a point where you can have some peace.