Friday, April 24, 2015

Color Run Ambassador

As much as i absolutely LOVE the color run, I am pretty stoked to have been chosen as an ambassador for the Manhattan run : )  I am due to give birth a couple weeks before the run, so it will be my first real physical activity after birth.  I am looking forward to having something set up to get me on the right path to getting healthy and back in shape.

My first run was with my husband, before we left Alaska.  We walked the entire time due to the health of one of our runners and it was A BLAST!!.  I have been looking forward to the next run since we did the last one : )

Want to know what will make this run even more colorful?  GLITTER!!!  It is the shine tour, so there is a special station just with glitter !!!

Want to sign up?  Use the promo code Manhattan1 for a special discount and if you're needing a team to run with:  Glitter&Guns is the team all the cool kids are running with ;)

The last one we did was awesome: 

And now i'm ready for the Manhattan run : )

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