Thursday, January 08, 2015

6 weeks to go

This is officially the longest i've gone without seeing Patrick.  I've been so tired that the week went by pretty simply.  Now, i'm done with my work week and while i am still tired, there is no amount of tired that would make me miss him less.

Next weekend i'll go up to see him, but that's another entire week.

I've worked enough that it's kept me occupied, but now i am home with three days off to remember how much i miss him.  I need the time off because i don't have enough energy to keep working but i want to work so that i have something to do.

So ... moving on....  I am pregnant and not supposed to do a wide range of things, but i believe i'll go shopping tomorrow and then sew up all my jeans that have holes and no longer fit me.  I might paint the office but since i am really not supposed to, i think i'll trade that for playing twister with myself : /

I know i'm all mopey and depressing... sry.  It's actually about 2 hours past my bed time.

So, without further adou, i will leave you for sleep with myself.


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