Friday, September 19, 2014


There are a lot of things that i learned from my ex husband, Steve.  Self respect is one of them.  
As much of the blame that i took, i am now realizing that it was NOT my fault.  I was trying to be a good wife and as a result, he took advantage of me.  
I was already very pro the fight against assault, but now that i know the pain and scars it can cause, my fight is becoming a much more verbal war.  The more i speak out against it, the more i realize how many people have been victims of sexual assault and how many victims have suffered their pain alone.

There is NO excuse for sexual assault, 
it does not matter what your relationship status.

I stayed in that relationship way too long, 
i didn't put myself as the priority that i should have.

This just might be my next tattoo:  
I want to make a stand against predators 
and be a rock for victims to come to.

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