Thursday, September 11, 2014

Liquor prices in the 48 USA

Our transaction to Kansas has brought us to my husband's hometown, Saybrook, IL.
Even before i moved to Alaska i was used to an entire street list of bars, pubs, and lounges.  Alaska, as desolate as it is, also has a fairly long list of places to partake of adult beverages.
Saybrook, isn't like that.  There is one pub here and it is called the Shady Nook.  I thought Patrick was joking when he told me the name... it reminds me of something you would find straight out of Harry Potter.   It's an adorable little pub and pizza place.

Even though i'm adjusting to the idea of a single bar in a town,  i'm also having trouble adjusting to the prices (in a good way).  It's been two years since i last saw decent liquor prices... In Alaska it is apx 24.00 for an 18 pack of BudLight,  21.99 for a 12 pack of Corona, and 12.99 is the average price of bottom shelf liquor.    Now that i'm back south, i can pay less than a dollar a beer and for 12.99 i can buy middle shelf liquor.    

It is so strange to have daily specials again... 1.00 night or 2.50 specials is unheard of in the great "country" of Alaska.  

I am completely ok with this... it will especially help me fulfill the crafts i mentioned in the last post (wine cork DIY's) : )

With that said,  i think it's time for some coffee and Bailey's.... The temperature has dropped in the past couple days and even down here, i am cold. 


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