Monday, June 04, 2012

a not so new house.

The house remodel is coming along nicely.  I'm exhausted and i think i may be permanently dirty, but I'm excited for the finally product.   The carpets are all out, the old chimney blocks are out, the droopy ceilings are out.  We are doing ceilings this week, walls this weekend and floors next week which means we should be able to actually move in.  Right now we still have to get moving but it's more of moving into one single room until everything is set up.

Tear down complete, rebuild is go.

and speaking of rebuilding.  I ran into a friend from the past.  This kid from electrical class in high school now runs around Lowe's.  Super cool kid so I'm hoping we can be friends.   plus its always more fun shopping for home improvement when you know the employees.

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