Saturday, June 30, 2012

married and painting :)

I've always loved painting... ive always loved being married. What i've realized this past few weeks... the two dont go together very well. My husband and i are both very stuborn.... something i still have yet to learn how to deal with. Hes also a carpenter.... so he likes to "direct" me how to do things.... such as painting :) I dont do very well listening. today, steve is off somewhere else and i have the house to myself.... to paint :) i was almost mad as he was telling me what to paint as he left, but then a great song came on, i did some push ups, and now im in my own zone. I forgot how much i love painting and getting dirty. bathroom is 38 seconds from being done and the i can NOT wait to have all the walls done so the floors can be done... then we can really move in :) absolutely, beemo.

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