Tuesday, March 06, 2012

new life, new style

As i've mentioned (but yet to blog about) I got married not too long ago...   Not long before that i intoduced a puppy into my life..   With the new family has come a new house, new furniture, new life style, a new job   and the most recent introduction is my new ipad and mac mini.    So with all the freshness i feel a deep need to revamp the blog too.  With the job (trendz)  Fashion is much easier to be inspired in.  With the ipad and mini mac blogging is much more enjoyable.  SO...   it's time for a new face lift.  Within the next week we will have a new face.  and in the proccess  i plan to update the blogs thta you've been waiting for such as the wedding, the job, ect :) 

There are alot of other bloggers that i adore... one that i'm not in love with but is super pretty:  rhonna designs.  They're a little too cluttered for me, but i want to defintly keep them in mind when im designing the layout and the way they have a LOT of hand written stuff.  
Get ready. 

and any suggestions (as always)  are very welcome. 

It's like the anticipation every one else has for the ipad 3.  I'm ready for this blog make over,.

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