Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I came home from work saturday and my husband wasn't there... neither was charli.  I knew instantly to find them at the dog park.  
This is a totally normal occurance. 

When i pulled up to the park i was slightly confused.  My husband was the only car there and charli was also with him....   but beside charli, a second dog was there with them.
As i reached the fence i greeted Charli and (very confused at this point) asked where the other puppy's owner was.  Steve didn't answer my question, but instead told me how this puppy was only small right now....   meaning that it would be very large.  Knowing that i had been talking about great danes a lot i could only assume that this puppy would grow to be a very large dane.
Sure enough,  Steve had taken the time i was at work to go find an addition for our family. 

We named him George.

Our family is quite awesome (athough very unpredictable).  We have my husband steve and i (Skydivers, bikers, random hobbiest), Charli (a tiny, super crazy min pin that is very spazstic), and now george (a lazy and soon to be very large great dane).

My goal is to look awesome when i take him for walks.   Miles to style  had this picture which captures the image in my head perfectly:

This will be interesting, i think i'm good on the baby making for a while.. that can wait until we're caught up on the kids we have now.

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