Monday, July 04, 2011

looking up.

I've made friends and lost friends.  I've done dumb stuff and i've learned lots of lessons.  Life (and the people in it) will probably never cease to amaze me....    I grew up in a good home with a passionate personality.  I hit my rock bottom and now i'm moving up.

It was about this time two years ago that Willy T and i first started talking seriously about getting married.
It was about this time last year that i was solidly pregnant.  
It is about this time this year that i know what i want in life.

I have a job that i like.  I know who my friends are and i have real people to back me up.  

... so the inspiration of this post:   Funny people.  It wasn't that long ago that i told willy T to back off because we werent together anymore.... i started dating someone and he was there to back me up....  That was several weeks ago and Willy T didn't respond kindly to it.  Yesterday, my not so beloved ex texted me, once again, to remind me that we had great times together. . . . this morning, his ex posted on this blog that she thinks i'm a psychopath (apearently she doesn't understand the true meaning of marriage.....  an agreement that both Willy T had made and a promise he broke, but it's ok because a whore wouldn't understand that commitment).   I just think it's funny that i gave them both the good byes and got him "off my back" and that they would both respond to me on the same day with quite opposite responses.   It makes me laugh at how perfect they are together....  both double faced liars.

but it's ok because, while this would have disgruntled me several months ago, i have no reason to care what either of them think or what game they are playing because i'm really not interested in them, i find it even funnier that she still sees me as a competition even though i CLEARLY have no interest in either of them or their lives.

I have my life, and i don't really care what her opinion is... or his for that matter.   They can love me or hate me,  i have my life in order and i plan on keeping it that way.  My focus is now on a brighter hope, a hope that i call jesus, and that is why i have no interest in their lives.

Good bye past, i'm looking forward.

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