Saturday, July 02, 2011

creativity boost

I’ve about maxed out what I can do with my house unless I want to start putting some real money into it…. So it’s time to start getting creative.  I’m starting to get bored with it.  I cant paint the walls, there are gaps between the floors and the walls and I’ve already rearranged as many options there are.  Now I need some inspiration.   Maybe I’ll mount my tv…  I don’t know how hard something like that is but I think It would do a but load for my house.  
On the positive note:  my yard looks better, it is still nothing breath taking but it is better…. I think my porch needs some lattice work, maybe that would do something for it.  . 
I think im just burned out on inspiration right now and I need something to spark my creativity.  
Maybe I’ll just do some spring cleaning and declutter….. that is normally enough to get me going, but right now my storage availability is retarded….  The closets in my house are oddly shaped and oddly placed.  There is open space in places that are viewable but yet not really useable and there is wasted space such as by the water heater and the gas heat…  I wish I could just tear down all the walls and call it a party.   

I also have several other problems… like my stained sink that wont even be dented by bleach or my lopsided shower that wont drain all the way…  I’ve got so many little problems that need fixing…..   but I’m about to concquore all of them.  Nothing I few boards and nails wont fix : )  hopefully….  

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