Monday, March 01, 2010

ten things you might not have known.

I love the feeling of hot cars in the summer time.  I enjoy pretending that i'm a race car driver.  
sunshine, gatherings of water, and ice cream are the way of life ... Actually, ice cream is my one addiction in life.
I don't ever think that i'm invincible, but i just don't really care. 
I'm not witty, but i'm silly enough that it doesn't matter.
I think drinking coffee looks cool, but i think it taste like cooked bark.... so i only drink it if its secretly a cappachino.
I like painting my walls a different color every day and sometimes i'll dye a streak of hair the same color.
I'm really conservative but you'd never guess it by the way i look.
i don't know who any celebrities are, but i like looking at tabloids just to be inspired.
I'm the least girly person you will ever meet, but once in a while i paint my nails.
and i secretly aspire change the world.

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