Monday, March 15, 2010

hm hm... good.

I had to work last night. I work with 10 guys.... i'm the only girl. It leads for interesting conversation. Half of those, i'm really proud that i can keep up. I'm sure by the time i leave, the guys will think im gay just cause i'm not gonna lie when i think a girl is hot.....
last night, We were talking about how long wine last. I have two boxes of wine and 2 bottles that have been opened. Appearently, wine doesn't last very long. I told my coworker (who is totally amazing) that i was going to finish my boxed wine today so that it wouldn't go bad. Right now, i'm going on big glass number 2 (wich is the accumulative of 4.) and i think i'm starting to feel it. .... the point of that story? i think i'm feeling a lil and this blog is going to be very slurred.... but that's what i do, i write. so now i'm spilling my tippsiness with you : )

i haven't been online in a week and a half... be proud. .... cause by bestie, Cerrin, came home from school. so we've been plastered all week (not my normal route, but i figure i have reason to celebrate so all ahead). Today, i got online and found that favorite person in the world community channel, Natalie Tran had posted 3 I say 3 videos. .... you guys should REALLY check her out. I feel like if i ever met her in real life i would absolutely LOVE her.

moving right along to the next subject.... is work. I kind of already touched on this, but i would like to "touch" on it again... lol, touch on it.
The old Rome, where i bartend, it well on it's way to rebuilding after it burnt down. I am beyond excited. I hang out with my boss, the owner, once in a while and it's always really fun. I think i'll have a party and half when it reopens cause i really miss the social and the mixing.

On the topic of Cerrin (my bfffffffffff) we are throwing her a party next thur.. it's a "now taking applications" party. She needs a bf. and we are going to find her one : )
with that said.... i think i will go make the applications and the invite right now.

so. If you're a local to my parts, come to my party. Come party with me, come meet my bestie. Next thur.

k. loves. bye.

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