Friday, November 27, 2009

another chapter of that book

The rules to dating:
I can get any guy anywhere, anytime. .. But that’s really not saying much, I am a girl. I could walk up to any guy and ask him to bed and he is NOT going to turn me down unless he’s in love with someone. But it’s even beyond just getting a guy into bed. I can make him fall in love with me. I’ve written this entire book on how make a relationship work. Some of it is from a girls perspective and some of it is pointed to guys. Some of it is how to protect your heart and other chapters are how to love unconditionally. When it comes to dating, there are so many things that could go wrong.. . but when you are talking about simple instincts, things get much better. Not every girl has perfect boobs or a nice round rear end. Some girls are somewhat physically challenged and some are anything but beautiful. But those are not the things that capture a guys heart…. Those things make it easier to catch his eye, but even the ugliest girl has the power to captivate his soul. We’ve always been taught that guys are visual, and they are. It’s not the color of her eyes or the size of her waist that he is drawn to. Physically, it’s the way she treats her body: does she put thought into her everyday clothes? Does she put time into her hair and makeup? Guys aren’t attracted to the round butt, they’re attracted to the well fitting pants that accent it. Guys aren’t attracted to the big boobs, they’re drawn to the bra that is holding them. Guys aren’t looking at nice teeth, they’re looking at teeth that have been taken care of. Physically, guys only think they are judging her body; they are actually looking at how she maintains it. A girl that takes care of her body and holds it with confedience in her own world has already made herself beautiful. But even those looks that she makes will only get her foot in the door – it’s only the first impression. After the looks, she has to maintain her thoughts. A girl who doesn’t trust herself or education herself, will not be confedient or smart. . . but if she does, she will set herself apart and draw in the man who is allowed into her presence.
Beyond that, it is being confedient in herself enough to make her own world.. A girl that can be whoever she wants without the dictation of the rest of the world will dumbfound any guy and that is what will capture his heart – not knowing, and not being able to judge her like he does every other girl, that will stop his breath.
It’s always played out to be something difficult, but a girls with her own show is a girl with everything she wants.

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