Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today i will not be terrified or niave

Some days I wake up terrified.
Scared of the future.
Scared of the unknow.
Scared of heartbreak.
Scared of failure.

Some days I wake up and know that everything will be ok.
Tomorrow will take care of itself.
I will learn with every experience
Hearts will heal and love
Failure is only new lessons learned and experiences made.

Other days I wake up and know that it doesn’t really matter.
Crap happens… it’s part of life.
The future will bring bad days
The unknown will sometimes sting
Heartbreak will happen
And I will fail.

But on these days I look forward to every pain and every experience.
If I never hurt it’s probably because I’m not living
And I don’t ever fail its because I haven’t tried anything.

So it’s these days that I wake up and smile.
I smile because I can see reality
I smile because I know it doesn’t really matter.
I smile because the sun is shining and the air is fresh and I am still different than everyone else.

Some days will not be today because today is my day.

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