Monday, October 19, 2009

Chilvary is not dead.

Today wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, I rode the bus expecting today to copy yesterday’s bitter breeze and chilly air. It actually ended up being a fair day. After spending the last 5 min. of class waiting impatiently for our teacher to let us out late again I looked like an old lady doing laps as a speed walked to the bus. Just like my teacher, the bus was also late . It did eventually arrive and I waited patiently as people from the back of line filed on in front of me. I brushed it off but I was starting to think that everyone was looking out for themselves, then last two guys in line surprised me. They stepped aside “go ahead, I didn’t see you back there” I hadn’t minded waiting, but the respect these two lads showed for ladies left me dumbfounded. I probably wount see those kids again but I hope the respect they showed me doesn’t go to waste… I hope it will get them somewhere.

There is something very attractive when I guy opens a door for a lady, it’s even more attractive when he makes a point to do so. When those two guys put ladies first it was a gesture that made me look a second time. They weren’t trying to get lucky and they didn’t make a big show of it, but they eared respect and a half from me.

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